Support that Plants Offer

Our bodies have a kinship with the vital elements contained in herbs.  This product line follows the indigenous practices of using the whole plant as medicine.  We respect the wholeness of plants we make use of all of their healing abilities to balance the mind, body, and spirit.   Through this line, we establish a symbiotic relationship with herbs.

Our physical similarities to plants are abundant.  The biochemistry of plants is the biochemistry of us as well.  Our DNA contains so much of the plant world; the same compounds in humans are the same compound in plants. The fundamental oils in plants the Omega 3 oils our body loves.   In our medicine, we use the whole plant material, not just the most potent ingredient.  Your body selects from the phytochemicals it needs because it evolved from these same chemicals.  These therapeutic molecules help the body be well, move towards its peak, sustaining and healing nurturing its natural processes.

Types of herbs used in our line:

Nourishing herbs – may generally be taken in any quantity and for extended periods of time, they act in the body as food, providing nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, simple sugars, and starches.  They improve conditions by strengthening the body’s defenses and resources.

Tonic Herbs – act slowly in the body and have a cumulative effect; they are most beneficial when used consistently for months.  Tonic herbs generally aid the body to balance its energy and function more easily and dependable.

Cleansing herbs - stimulate the body’s cleansing systems and disease-fighting mechanisms.  They are also called antibiotics, antiseptics and antibacterial.   They are usually taken in small amounts for short periods of time.