Our Line

Pregnancy is a time of massive growth for women. The blossoming we see in a new mother’s body reflects only a glimmer of the massive change of currents within. This line is a collaboration of herbalist and birth doulas to support the physical and emotional experience of pregnancy.

The increased demand for nutrients throughout pregnancy is clear to all. ‘Eating for two’ is on the calling card of many pregnant women… but what about thinking for two (or 3 or 4 or 5 as the family grows), breathing for two and even heart beating for two? Yes, the fullness of a mom and her belly call for more care than just 200mg of iron and some folic acid and bi-monthly or monthly doctors visits. We are encouraging you to be fully engaged with on this amazing journey.

Without the connection to the earth and our mothers so much of our ancestral wisdom was lost, and we lost our power.  Divine Daughter will help you to regain the power of that silent wisdom, that’s a part of all of us, especially so during these blossoming months.

Our line:

  • Respects the power of plants
  • Respects the strength of herbs
  • Respects the deep individuality in plants and persons


Divine Daughters is a medicinal herbal product line developed by an herbalist and two doulas to help nourish the growing spiritual, emotional and physical capacities of a woman as she transforms to be a mother.   The line will help women create an intimate connection to their divinity and the earth using traditional elements of nature’s wisdom to comfort, nourish and heal; all with simplicity!


Our promise is to share the wisdom of the earth’s bounties and of our ancestors.  We will use a range of carefully formulated herbal products to encourage simple self-care during pregnancy and beyond.  As daughters of the divine we are all sisters and believe the health of our mothers are integral to social health; the health of our community.  We commit to creating a space for sisterhood and partnership.  We see this happening by facilitation new mothers groups to build community through dialogue and conversation.