Restorative Uterine Tea  - BESTSELLER

Restorative Uterine Tea - BESTSELLER

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A tea which tones the uterine and pelvic muscles, supporting the uterus as it centers itself in the pelvis.

Red raspberry is an essential component of any uterine tonic.  Lady’s mantle complements the action of red raspberry. Its stringent disposition helps to firm and tone the uterus. It is also anti-inflammatory and hemostatic so it strengthens and tones the muscles and tissues after birth restoring vitality. Motherwort is a soothing nervine tonic which helps to ground us in our bodies, release the stress and anxiety of the massive physical and emotional transition that we have just undergone.

This is tea is also great for women who have experienced abortion, miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

This tea is not recommended for mamas who are experiencing difficulty producing an abundant milk supply.

Ingredients: Motherwort and Ladys Mantle Herbs, and Red Raspberry Leaves